About Me

meHi, I'm Fabian Voith, Executive Producer of FaVorithSoft- and currently its own employee ;-). I was born on March 26, 1989 in Herrenberg, a small town in Germany.

I gained first Computer-related experience when I was six years old, at the age of twelve I began to program with Visual Basic 6 on Windows ME. At some point, I switched to Java and Unix Shell Script on Linux (Ubuntu and Slackware), and used Windows for testing purposes. However, I returned to Windows as production environment. While many developers highlight Linux' benefits in terms of adaptability, I feel that Windows becomes faster, and more convenient to use with every new version. Moreover, software pearls like MS Office and many other programs are only available for the Microsoft platform.

Although I like to disclose the Computer's secrets, going in for sports is even more fun for me. Accordingly I engage in several hobbies, such as dancing, jogging, strength training, inline skating, skiing, horse-riding (unfortunately very rarely) and archery (not any more). Apart from that I play the drums since the age of six and I have also learned playing the guitar awhile.

At the moment (2008) I have passed my secondary school leaving examination (Abitur) and am leaving my current hometown Entringen and move to Munich where I will do my Civilian service at a national public relations department.

If you have any questions regarding my website, my software, my person or anything else, don't hesitate to write me an email.