FaVorithSoft developed a great variety of Software solutions since the late nineties for both, Windows and Linux. In order to share these valuable results of its efforts with you, all these programs can be downloaded for free.

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Icon AdlerCalculator - Library for fast computation of Adler-32 hashes
Icon CDWorker - Opens and closes your drive at the touch of a button
Icon EasyBase - Database optimized for texts
Icon FastFileFinder - Averts file doubles
Icon FileLockerV2 - Notices file changes and reverts them
Icon htcreator LIGHT - .htaccess file creator
Icon JEXIT - Regular Expression testing tool
Icon MonoDecrypt - Decrypt your enemy's secret messages!
Icon MyRenamer - Renames all files in a folder
Icon MyWallpaper - Changes your desktop wallpaper at every startup
Icon PCcloser - Shuts down your PC automatically
Icon PC Protection - Logs every activity on your PC
Icon smupcheck - Checks websites for updates automatically
Icon spriteconv - Stitches several pictures together to one sprite
Icon Thingamablog 1.0.6 Wikilink + ISCIM extension - Patch
Icon tmp-creator - Simplifies the commentation of source code
Icon transconv - Makes a certain color in an image transparent


Icon FVGotchi - Tamagotchi clone
Icon Söldner21 - Turn-based strategy game