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Running smupcheck (note that the error message comes from Firefox and not from smupcheck! The tool works well, anyway.) The final report


After being back from my field excursion, I had to catch up on surfing in the Internet ;-) and in doing so I came across a smart tool, named Website-Watcher Its purpose is quite simple: Checking websites for updates automatically, even if they don't offer a RSS-Feed to save the user's time and to let him know e.g. if there is a new blog entry / program version / news / forum thread or post etc. However there are two drawbacks: The first is that you have to pay from 29.95 up to 1.990 Euro for using the tool. The second is that it only runs on a Windows machine. Since I neither own a cash cow nor spare any effort to realize a programming project, I decided to write such a smart tool on my on (apart from this, I use Windows only very sparse, so the tool was effectively useless for me). The result is a Linux Shell script called smupcheck, which stands for Smart Update Checker. Seeing that the tool was written in one day, it should be clear that smupcheck does not offer all features the model has, such as checking password protected websites, highlighting changes or filtering results. On the other hand, in view of the fact that smupcheck is being released under the GNU General Public License and is Open Source, you can add the features you need, yourself. And the best thing: It's completely free of charge!


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  • 1 October 2007:
First public release: Version 1.0.0