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Details on version 1.0.0

LOL - These three letters perfectly describe my behaviour when I wrote my first post using Thingamablog 1.0.6- it didn't even run for five minutes, when I found the first (minor) bug in the software: Instead of editing the presentation of the heading of my first entry, I edited the menu of Thingamablog itself :D. Here are two pictures to illustrate the bug:

1) Normal presentation:
Normal presentation

2) Buggy presentation:
Buggy presentation

The bug fix
I have contacted the programmer of Thingamablog and reported the bug. In addition, I have become acquainted with the source code of the blog software to fix it on my own. Hence, everybody who is irritated of this bug can download my fixed and recompiled version of Thingamablog and use this one until the bug is also fixed in the official release. If you wary about downloading an inofficially compiled program version, you can also fix the bug for yourself:

Please note:
The bug appears, when the menu, shown in the screenshots above, is still focused, although the user can already make use of the editing functions of the Entry Editor. However, this situation should never occur, because the Thingamablog author remembered to invoke the editor.requestFocusInWindow() method in configureCurrentEditor. Apparently, this call doesn't work for a specific Java Virtual Machine (Java VM) version, namely 1.5, which I'm using, and simply gets lost in the Swing Event Queue (which seems to be a well-known problem in this release) or, otherwise, is handled too late (just a not too improbable assumption). So, if you make use of another VM version, you don't have to care. In other respects you should assemble my bug fix. Its mode of operation is simple: Before performing the editing requests, the fix checks, where the caret is located. If editor.getCaretPosition() returns a value less or equal 0 (verbal: zero), the operation is aborted. There's only one blemish: Even though the caret is positioned within the JEditorPane, editor.getCaretPosition returns 0 (zero), if there is no text in the Editor Pane, yet (therefore the cursor is located at the very beginning of the box). As a result, it is not possible anymore, to change the type of the paragraph, without having written anything. But, in my opinion, this is a negligible and, definitely, a much more agreeable behaviour.

Sincerely yours,
Fabian Voith