Thingamablog 1.0.6 Wikilink + ISCIM extension

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Details on version 1.0.4

The embarrassment
Hmm... it's a bit agonizing that I'm creating a post named Huu - buggy Thingamablog 1.0.6... + FIX! and- just one month later- I have to fix a bug in my own source code (albeit, not in the code created in the post mentioned above)... ok, but nobody's perfect ;-)

The bug
If you have downloaded the Wikilink extension before 10/16/07 you are using the flawy version of the extension, which creates a new database folder every time you use the Wikilink feature (this does not affect the functionality of Thingamablog, but it's consuming a little bit of disc space).
Thanks to Felix Atagong (probably the person who uses Wikilink most often ;-) ), who discovered and described the bug, I was able to reproduce the described behaviour and so I could fix it.
Thank you very much for your help!

How to fix it
To fix the bug you just have to download the program data (I recommend the executable package, but if you wary about downloading an inofficially compiled program version, you can also download the source code package and compile it yourself), extract it and replace your old thingamablog-1.0.6 folder with the new one you just extracted. Your Wikilink extension is then fixed and you can work with it as usual.

The fixed source code
The bug was caused by a wrong instantiation of the blog.TBWeblog class: I always thought the current database has to be stored and then be passed to the TBWeblog cunstructor- I was wrong, the class doesn't need this information.
Consequently you must do the following to fix the bug:

VoilĂ  - you have fixed the bug :-)