Blog comments without PHP

This article was originally created for a blog I'm not running anymore. That's why it's written in a style, which is rather untypical for a tutorial. Anyway, you just shouldn't let you keep off from reading.

[...] and which then uploads the new data on the server - as static HTML files, because any server-sided technology would not have worked because of the described Provider restrictions. I don't think this is a problem, although it means that any interaction between the website and the user is not possible (no possibility to write comments etc. [...]

As you can see, I wrote in my first post that commenting my blog entries won't be possible due to default of PHP and other technologies required for website interaction.

I had to experience: You live and learn!

I might have guessed that there are services perfectly specialized for the problematic situation I had to face- and although I have already used some of these services several times, I never realized their real raison d'ĂȘtre.

The FAQ page of Thingamablog lists four of these services which can be used without great efforts (namely Haloscan, Reblogger, Blogtools, Blogkomm). Here are my first short impressions I have received when I visited the homepages of the services.

To put it in a nutshell:
Commenting is now possible without problems (it's only too bad that the comments can't be displayed within the blog page - but I'm content with it - for now ;-) ). Go and use it :-).